2012 Winner and Finalists
Game Summary

Players pretend to be persistent penguins in this pleasant
polar pastime!

Created By: Abigail
Age: 7
Hometown: Albany, OR
Created By: Lana
Age: 7
Hometown: Peculiar, MO
Game Summary

Players catch more than rhythm in this creative memory game!

Created By: Healy
Age: 6
Hometown: Wolfeboro, NH
Game Summary

Kids draw upon their imaginations to create this fun twist on a hopscotch game!

Created By: Madison
Age: 7
Hometown: Port Orange, FL
Game Summary

Kids' feet are made for walking, jumping and kicking too. The only rule in this game is no hands!

Created By: Dhani
Age: 8
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Game Summary

Slow and steady or fast and furious? Kids find out for themselves when they get to try both roles in this race inspired by the classic tale!

Created By: Jack
Age: 8
Hometown: Greenfield, WI
Game Summary

Even the undead rise to the challenge in this activity-filled treasure hunt!

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