Backyard Game
water-bottle relay


the perfect game on a hot day because you are sure to get soaked


2 (or more ) 6 oz. water bottles (or smaller)
a bucket
a large area to play


wear clothes you can get dirty and wet.
when jumping you have to jump like a bunny, you cannot jump like you normally jump.
you cannot spray neck-up.
you may not run around the sticks.
you may not give the bottle to the next until its half empty.


Set-up: Make 2 (or more, depending on how many teams) spots to relay. Put sticks (to jump over) along the paths. Mark the bottles at halfway and put one empty water bottle (completely closed) in front of each path. Fill the bucket with water and put it at the end of the path and you are ready to start.


Put the kids into the same number of groups as you have paths.


When the kids are in line, assign someone to shout "Go!"


The first kid in every line will run with their water bottle, hopping like a bunny over the sticks, until they reach the bucket.


When they reach the bucket, they will open up their bottle and fill it up.


The players with bottles will squirt each other until it is half empty.


Once it is half empty, the players will pass it on to the next player in line.


The next players with the bottles will repeat the first and will fill the rest of it up and do it again until all the players have gone.


How to win: Be the first team to completely finish!