Backyard Game
Shadow Jumpers


Shadow makers twist, turn and jump to challenge the shadow jumper in this fun and easy agility game!


No equipment is needed, just people, sunshine and a nice open area to jump!


Assign one player to be the Jumper. All other players line up 2-3 feet apart and the jumper gets ready to jump over their shadows.


The jumper tries to jump over each shadow without landing on the shadow. If the jumper successfully jumps over each shadow without touching one, they return to the start to try the next level (up to level 10). At the start of each level, players call out the level. Level 1 begins with no shadow movement. Level 2 progresses with arm movement (usually straight up and down). Level 3 has arm and leg movement. Each level continues to be more challenging as the game goes on (For example: Level 5 could be jumping jacks).


If the jumper makes it over all the shadows in each level, they win! If not, they become part of the shadow line.