Backyard Game
Nature to Nature


Curious kids will love this exploratory matching game.


• Identify a play area with lots of fun, interesting objects that kids can pick up
• This game is intended to make use of the environment around you so use whatever is at hand


Find a play area full of interesting objects for players to pick up and examine. We love a forest full of twigs and leaves; but you can play this game at the beach, on a farm and of course, in your own backyard.


Choose one player to be the Nature Guide and let her explore the environment to choose a nature item to share. Once the Nature Guide chooses an item, have her show it to the rest of the players for ten seconds, then cover it with her hands. The rest of the players then have to the count of 100 to explore and find an item that matches the Nature Guide’s chosen object.


When the players return, the Nature Guide examines each of their items and chooses the one that most closely matches his or hers. The player selected becomes the new Nature Guide.