Backyard Game
Card Sharks


Give these kids a hand as they use keen eyes and fast feet in this new play on a classic game of memory!


4 Decks of cards, 4 Hula hoops


Place two hula hoops at one end of the yard, about five feet apart. These will be the start for each team. On the other side of the yard, across from the start, place the other two hula hoops. These will be the search piles for each team.


In each starting hoop, place one shuffled deck of cards, face down. In each search hoop, place one shuffled deck of cards face down and spread out.


Divide the players into equal teams. When you say “GO,” the first player from each team picks up the top card from the start pile and runs to the search hula hoop to find their card’s match. Players can only flip one card at a time and must place each card down if it is not a match.


First person to find a match yells, “I’m a card shark!” and returns to their team to let the next player go. The team whose players finish matching their cards first wins. Play round after round for ongoing fun!